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Founded in 2012 City Health International is a network of individuals and organisations engaged in the study of and response to structural health issues and health behaviours in the urban environment.

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City Health international holds an annual international conference, in a different location each year, which examines current policy and practice in relation to public health and health behaviours in cities.

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World News

  • UN health agency urges greater government action against non-communicable diseases

    The international community has an opportunity to reverse the global epidemic of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and prevent the grim annual toll of 16 million people who die of heart and lung diseases, strokes, cancer and diabetes before the age of 70, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) revealed today. [...] “In 2015, every country needs to set national targets and implement cost-effective actions. If they do not,” Dr. Chan said, “millions of lives will continue to be lost too soon.”

    2015-01-23 |

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  • Londoners Living Near Street Trees Get Prescribed Fewer Antidepressants

    By now you're probably familiar with at least some of the many psychological benefits of urban greenery. Parks, trees, and other forms of nature evidently possess the power to refresh tired minds and improve moods; they've also been associated with better mental health more broadly. This robust line of evidence suggests that city trees serve as leafy happiness ninjas, defending our brains against the stressors of urban life.

    2015-01-22 |

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  • WHO calls for urgent action to prevent 16m premature deaths per year

    Of the 38 million lives lost to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in 2012, 16 million or 42% were premature and avoidable — up from 14.6 million in 2000, informs the World Health Organisation’s ‘Global Status Report on Non-Communicable Diseases 2014.’ The report, which was released globally on January 19, provides current estimates on NCD mortality (2012) and risk factors in 194 countries and moves on to establish that most premature NCD deaths are preventable.

    2015-01-21 |

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